ENA export status attribute

The “status” attribute is used by the ENA-upload-cli tool to filter rows of the input TSV tables generated by the ENA export feature. During a submission, a “status” value that does not match the “--action” argument given to the ENA-upload-cli will lead to the exclusion of that row for that submission. Upon a successful submission, the updated tables generated by the ENA-upload-cli will contain a corresponding updated “status” value. This way, it is easier to keep track of the last action taken for that Sample. The possible values for the “status” attribute are: - add: add an object to ENA - added: updated value for an object that was added to ENA - modify: modify an object in ENA - modified: updated value for an object that was modified in ENA - cancel: cancel a private object and its dependent objects - cancelled: updated value for a private object, and its dependents, that was cancelled - release: release a private object immediately to the public - released: updated value for a private object that was immediately released to the public

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